Attending the online expo can be fun and it’s easy. During the two day event, you’ll be able to visit companies from around Northern New Mexico, connect with other attendees, watch special presentations from a variety of speakers and find opportunities.

This year’s Expo and Job Fair is presented by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and produced by The Santa Fe New Mexican Digital Solutions Team. We are here to help you and this introduction can help you get the most from the experience.

Meet the platform

When you enter the platform, you’ll login in using the information you used to sign up for your ticket. You’ll have a chance to make a profile of yourself that includes your name, and other information. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to the main page.

From the main page, you can get to the four main parts of the event. Look at the highlighted sections on the image below. That’s your navigation. Yup, that’s it. When you choose one of those icons you’ll be taken to one of the four major sections of the event: Stage, Sessions, Networking, Expo. We’ll talk about each one below, to return to this main page, simply tap reception.


This is where you will see keynote speeches and special gatherings throughout the event. From the reception page, you can scroll down and see listings of the events of the day. When a particular event is live, you will see a marker indicating it’s live. You can tap on the schedule or select Stage on the left-hand part of the screen to access the Stage.

Scrolling down on the main Reception page allows you to see the schedule and plan your day. The small calendar icon next to the session time allows you to create a reminder of the event.


Sessions are similar to the stage, but smaller and tend to be focused on a specific issue. These are your breakout sessions. You can find the start times on the same schedule on the reception page and tap. Or click session from the left hand side to be taken to a page where you can select your session.

When clicking the Sessions icon on the left side of the screen, you’ll be able to choose the session you want to attend.



This is a unique experience in online conferencing. Instead of approaching people from across the room, the software will match you to another attendee and you’ll be able to chat. It’s kind of like speed dating, you’ll be given three minutes to talk to one another before you’re matched with another person.

Have your pitch ready because three minutes goes quickly. You never know who you’ll meet. As part of the networking session, you’ll have the chance to exchange contact information. Look for the Connect option and note that information is exchanged by an automatic process only if you both decide to connect.

You’ll be asked to turn on your camera when first entering the networking area.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Once you meet someone in the Networking area at an event, you will not be matched with that person in the Networking area again at that event. You will never meet the same person twice in the Networking area.
  • Networking defaults to letting everyone meet everyone.
  • Intentional networking is possible via the People tab of the event venue.
  • Users can turn off their camera in the Networking area.
  • Screen sharing is not possible in Networking.
  • In order to begin networking, an attendee must have a camera and microphone connected to their device and allowed in their browser.