With just under a week to go until the opening of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce Business Expo and Job Fair, anticipation is swelling around town. This event is a prime opportunity for businesses, employers and job seekers to connect. We’re glad you’re participating in this exciting event and look forward to having a great time. Simultaneously, you might have questions about how an online business expo and job fair works.

That’s why we’ve put together this simple tutorial to tell you what to expect.

This primer is for companies and organizations who’ve signed up to host a booth in the virtual expo hall. In the coming days, we’ll post additional tutorials for attendees. In your booth, participants in the job fair will be able to connect with companies, nonprofits and other exhibitors taking part in the event.

First, don’t worry about setting up your booth

Event manager Katie Capener from the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce is handling the setup of your booth and she’ll be the point person for inquiries about tickets for organizations that have booths. She has an easy to understand instruction set she can email to those who have purchased booth space as part of the expo. If you’ve not received her instruction set that outlines exactly what she needs to set up your booth, just email her.

You’ll be sent tickets

Be on the lookout for emails from the chamber of commerce or from our platform provider HOPIN for information on your tickets. These will be sent to the email address the chamber has on file.

How do I enter my vendor booth once the event is live?

It’s important to make sure you are “in” your vendor booth during the event. This will allow you to answer questions in the booth chat and be on live camera to engage with visitors if you’ve chosen that format.

When it’s time for the event, head to sfchamberexpo.com five minutes before the event starts. Click the banner be taken to the event page and enter the event.

To enter your booth, click Expo on the lefthand side and find your booth. Click it to enter.

If it’s a pre-recorded video, then your job is easy. Just staff the booth chat

Tip: Use the event chat to invite people to your booth.

If it’s a live session, click Share Audio and Video. Make sure you’ve given browser permissions for the site to use your camera and mic.

When people request to join a live Booth, you’ll see their name pop up in the Moderation panel below. Click their profile image to allow them to join. They then select their AV devices and will be on camera shortly. Click the RED button in their screen to remove them.

There you go! That’s how to enter and run your vendor booth at the event.

What can I do in my booth?

There are plenty of ways to run a booth in this event. One way would be to post a video and communicate with visitors to your booth using the chat function. The video below shows the experience of that choice. A person could navigate to your booth,  they would see your video and they could still use the chat function to talk to you, or you with them. Take a look at the video below for that example. Note that when using the chat, you can choose to make the message viewable only in the booth or throughout the event. If you’re running a booth, this is a great way to put out information about your organization while you’re occupied with something else, like interviewing a great new candidate.


What about video chatting?

This is what most folks want to do. Just reach out to Katie to make sure we know you want this functionality. You’ll do the same as before, just visit your booth and you’ll see controls to go live. People visiting will see and hear you and you can see and hear them. It works a lot like those Zoom calls you’ve spent so much time on this year — so don’t worry. If you provide Katie with a link to your company video, it will play automatically when you’re not live.

This video shows how you start your live video feed when you’re ready to go. Again, just log in to the event, go to your booth and it will recognize you and ask you to start your video and audio. In this example, there’s a video playing and the vendor comes in to start there own video. You’ll also see the button to tap when you want to share your screen, it works just like the market’s most popular video chat service.